Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walnut Blanket Chest Part 1

            Whenever I get asked what I do, I respond that I am woodworker.  What follows is usually a mix of confusion, appreciation, and curiosity.  Once the curiosity has settled, people will generally talk about their experience with furniture or other woodworkers.The experience never loses its charm and I find people's interest in the craft inspiring.  I was having a similar conversation with a couple recently settling into Brooklyn, when they mentioned a desire for a chest to store linens.

I surveyed a few blanket chest designs and presented them with 2 options, and here is what we agreed upon:

For those SU inclined folks the model can be viewed and downloaded here:

along with the option that was not chosen: (better sharpen your chisels and put your "big boy" pants on for this one)

I would love to here any feedback on the models, especially if someone decides to build from them.

The design is based on a fantastic article from finewoodworking, as a handtool exercise project (Issue #134, p. 48)

This is a classic 18th century six-board blanket chest design.  The client has requested a dark tone, and I believe walnut will fit the bill.  A simple oil and varnish finish for the exterior with a shellac interior.

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  1. I have an alternate suggestion on the finish, I just can't remember what it is. Oil and something....