Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Assemble, Assembling, Assembled

One of the shortcomings of my previous shop was the lack of the space  for an outfeed and assembly table.  I needed a solid work surface that served three purposes:  a flat surface to assemble projects, increase the capacity of my tablesaw cart, and increase the organized storage of my shop.

I looked over the design  Marc @ thewoodwhisperer.com had refined from David Marks, and its a great simple and useful table after which I modeled my table.

- 4' x 4' torsion box top with a replaceable hardboard skin.
- oak edgebanding for hard wearing edges
- 4" double locking casters for moving around
- all drawer storage below the surface. mounted on full-extension slides
- Table saw outfeed height,

Enjoy the pics:


  1. Very cool, Nabil. It turned out well. Mine is still on the short list.

  2. Nice job! I like the whole working island thing you've got going with the table saw, router table and the new outfeed/assembly space. Looks very efficient.