Saturday, June 4, 2011

Building the 2x Side Table: Glueup & Dimensioning

It doesn't matter how many times you have done it, panel glue-ups are the beginning of a downward spiral.

This glue-up resulted in a board bowed across its width.

Probable cause : all the clamps are on one side.
Prevention: alternate the clamps up, down, up down to even the clamping pressure.
Solution: Light pass thru a planer or flatten the surface with a handplane.

With all the panels glued up its time to size the pieces to final dimensions.

For the width I use a 24-th rip blade and the fence set to 15", Blade Guard, Splitter and Over the Blade Dust Collection.

 The panel width are 15", so the SCMS (Makita with a 12" cap)  is not an option. Dust off the Cross-cut sled and put in a hi-tooth count blade for a nice cut.

If you don't have a crosscut sled, Marc, TheWoodWhisperer, does a brilliant job explaining how to construct your own in this video:

The one I use is from an old Wood Magazine article, and is lightweight for simple cuts.

Next up, Joinery

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