Thursday, September 12, 2013

White Oak Console Table: The Design

I have started on a new piece that will be a long console table made from White Oak.

Dimensions: 108"l x 24"w x 32"h

The design is based on the essential Shaker table with drawers.  These types of table most often taking the form of a small side or night table, represent the simple, and functional spirit of the Shakers.

The long span of the table was a challenge to balance with the proportions of the legs and the drawer depth.

The legs do taper a 1/2" from below the drawers to the bottom on the inside faces to lighten the visual weight.  We are after a strong and graceful table.

The top will feature breadboard ends to control cup and stability in a 24" wide top.

The guts of the table will involve drawer components found in traditional construction: doublers, runners, kickers, dividers, and partitions.