Wednesday, November 20, 2013

White Oak Console Table: Base Part 3

With the table legs tapered, I glued up the 2 leg assemblies, trimming pegs on the way.

As much as I love driving home a drawbored peg, the real fun was only about to begin.

Up next I cut the dovetail joinery for the upper divider that sits right above the drawers, because of the length I had to be creative with how I clamped and cut out the tails.

You can see that there is also a tail placed in the doubler as well as the leg. While I had hoped to get an airtight fit, these are purely functionally and will be hidden under the top.

Below the upper divider is, oddly enough the lower divider attached with a triple tenon into the leg:

Position the divider and mark away! Follow up with the mortising and we now have both dividers ready to be marked out for the drawer partitions:

thats 3 dividers with 6 tenons a piece, 18 M&T's, the word slog comes to mind.
Domino in the kickers on the rear face of the dividers and half lap them into the upper/lower ledger and we are ready to put the drawer framework together:

I glue in the framework, along with the drawer guides,

the base is done.